Are You a Soccer Player Looking for a Competitive Edge ?

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Welcome to Dynamic Soccer Player

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Definition of Dynamic :

‘Continuous change or vigorous activity, highly effective energy or force’

Have you ever imagined yourself being the soccer player you’ve always wanted to be ?

For instance, having the raw speed and skill of Christiano Ronaldo, the incredible agility of Lionel Messi, or the physical power and stamina of Didier Drogba and Wayne Rooney.

At DSP we aim to help you achieve all this and more with our comprehensive website

Targeted specifically at the Sunday League and semi professional soccer player/coach, our main objective is to introduce a host of alternative and innovative training methods into your training programmes.

Methods that you will not normally find within the realms of most football textbooks, but will significantly assist you in how to play soccer more effectively.

My name is Roy Chatterton and I have been involved in sports for as long as I can remember. Notably soccer,( of course ) martial arts, and Track and Field where I trained and competed in 100m 200m and Pole vault.

Firstly, I wish to state that I hold a different view on soccer conditioning in general, with my own ideas on how I think players should train as individuals and how teams could perform in the future. So to some of you my concepts may seem a little radical to begin with.

However this is the reason I have created such a website, and to encourage you to think more outside the box by using these unique and essential resources.

Effective and practical training tools that rarely see the light of day within the soccer world, but can seriously improve your fitness, flexibility, and explosive moves. As well as reducing soccer injuries.

You’ll also find tips and advice on all matters concerning general fitness and preparation, and much more to help you become a better all-round athlete and dynamic performer in the game.