Creating the Unstoppable Soccer Player

Using Ballistic Training

Ballistics relates to a soccer player having the ability to redirect or absorb energy and velocity propelled with force.

This energy can either be :

External eg : being hit with a ball or being shoulder charged by an opponent etc

Internal eg : pushing to fend off an opponent.

Ballistics then is the ability to manage energy in high speed sending and receiving movements, that sensitizes the neuromuscular system. Instantly responding to contact to toughen the body in preparation for the physical battles ahead.

This form of training can have a profound impact on sports performance !!

With the inclusion of combat breathing alongside ballistics, athletes in various other contact sports have also experienced a higher than normal state of alertness. A sensation that enables them to perform almost effortlessly whilst under the most intense pressure situations.

In some cases this particular sensation becomes almost spiritual, and has since become known as ’being in ‘the zone’. Where the higher you develop this energy management, the more effective your performances, with a much reduced risk with injuries.

This is why martial arts, American Football, and boxing to name but a few have embraced ballistics for decades, knowing of its ultimate powers in helping them survive in their respective tough environments.

Yet this is a skill that tends to be very much overlooked in soccer, but one that should be included regularly in any soccer players overall training regime.

Also, ballistics is not a skill that is naturally inherited, and needs to be carefully developed over a period of time to produce results. It is a potent training tool that amateur teams from the local Sunday leagues to the likes of FC Utd in the Conference League could implement to make a massive difference with regards to performance and the prevention of soccer injuries.

And where even the likes of Inter Milan, Real Madrid Football club, and Manchester United players could benefit by introducing a radical ballistics conditioning programme into their respective training regimes.

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger”

Friedrich Nietzsche (German Philosopher)

How Soccer can benefit from Boxer / Thai Boxer Conditioning

As explained above, soccer players and soccer coaches could well take a leaf out of many of the methods and techniques used by boxers, and in particular Thai Boxers. In regards to toughening the body for competitive soccer, and protecting and conditioning the body to withstand various impacts on the soccer field.

For instance, Thai boxers are among some of the toughest and most durable athletes on the planet, and absorb an incredible amount of punishment during a fight. They are able to withstand the severest blows to vital parts of the body, such as the shins and solar plexes etc by applying a systematic and methodical approach using ballistic training.

Thus enabling them to forge bodies of steel and mentally ignore pain.

Much of their conditioning today relies on the use of heavy bags, pads, sandbags, medicine balls and even kettle bells. Yet there was a time when the fighters would condition their legs by kicking a banana tree !

Of course this particular tree was a lot softer than your average tree, but over a space of time it eventually became harder. Where the gradual and consistent increase of impact over a period of time resulted in exceptionally strong muscles, bones and ligaments.

Western Boxing has also adopted ballistics over many years, primarily using medicine balls for the upper body, where a trainer or coach would rain blows down on a boxers midsection in preparation for a fight.

Manny Pacquiou however, has taken ballistic training a step further by introducing the use of sticks.

This form of conditioning is unique to Pacquiou, and he employs a trainer to apply constant taps with the stick to his body and arms. At times the whole session becomes excruciating for Pacquiou, but this routine has become a vital part of his training regime in programming the body to operate at another level.

It certainly hasn’t done him any harm, and has played a key role on his way to becoming the first boxer in history to win 7 titles at 7 different weights ! Toughening him mentally and physically. manny pacquiou stick conditioning

But for sheer invincibility, try (or maybe not try) Rodney Sacharnoskis Combat ki, an advanced level of controlled breathing and ballistic training that develops almost super human resilience. combat ki unbelievable demo part 1

Of course these are extreme examples and demonstrations of what can be achieved, and I wouldn’t expect many soccer players to literally dedicate or apply themselves to the levels these guys have attained.

But as I mentioned above there are sports that have followed suite over the years using other simular practical methods of ballistic training, This has bought much success to many teams and individuals, and therefore it is definitely a side of conditioning thats worth Investigating and experimenting further with.

Over the past 2 to 3 years we have witnessed some horrendous tackles and leg breakages in English Premier league soccer, as it still remains one of the most physically demanding leagues in the world. Ballistics can play an integral part in eliminating or reducing soccer injuries by conditioning specific parts of the body to absorb impact while enhancing the quality of a soccer players performance.

If the soccer fraternity can incorporate this form of soccer training into the equation then that could be yet another step in taking soccer to the next level !

Ballistic Drills for Soccer

Below are a selection of drills and exercises that soccer players can incorporate using a combination of crash pads, partner ballistic kicks, weighted bags and medicine balls.

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